About the company

Forming sheet metal into finished components is Hermanders’ speciality. We mainly use pressure-turning or deep drawing, or a combination of the two. Our wealth of knowledge and our modern workshops are at your disposal for prompt production of prototypes and cost-effective production.

Metals are malleable materials

Many visitors to our facilities can hardly believe their eyes when the see how the shape of a metal disc can be changed. But there is always a limit to what one can do with a material, and this is where Hermanders’ years of experience come into play, along with our partnership with leading metallurgical experts on the manufacturing side.

Some materials are harder to shape than others.

At Hermanders we have done a lot of work forming heavy large stainless steel sheets. This is now one of our specialities where we have a competitive edge.

From prototype to mass production

Thanks to our own tool production we can quickly produce prototypes for evaluation. Through to the start of mass production, we act as your sounding board to optimise the properties and cost-effectiveness of the product.

Prompt deliveries shorten your lead times

Hermanders is a small, personal company with a strong customer focus. You can see this in the short run-up from drawing to production and in the great flexibility in production. The time from order to delivery is normally just 3-4 weeks.

Skills and the latest machinery

The combination of skills and the latest production equipment makes Hermanders an attractive sub-contractor for pressure-turned and/or deep drawn products. Collaboration with us is the start of a process aimed at finding the most cost-effective solution to turn your design into a competitive product with the right properties.

Business idea

We aim to be one of the leading companies in the Nordic region in pressure-turning. We also carry out additional processing by deep drawing and hydro-mechanical forming.

We aim to maintain and reinforce our position with:

  • Highly-skilled workers
  • The latest machinery
  • Specialisation
  • High efficiency