For larger runs and more complicated formedshaped products

Here we can form products up to 1,100 millimetres in size. In combination with pressure turning, we can also carry out more advanced forming.

If you need to produce parts with complex shapes and a relatively constant thickness, deep drawing may be the best method. We use both traditional deep drawing and hydro-mechanical forming. The latter method is especially suited to working in stainless steel.

In some cases, the most cost-effective method of production is a combination of deep drawing and pressure-turning. In these cases, the process starts with deep drawing while the final shaping of corners and edges, for example, is done on the pressure lathe.

Material thicknesses

We carry out deep drawing with a max. format of 1,100 x 1,100 mm for all the materials shown here.

Aluminium 0.60-10.00 mm
Iron 0.50-5.00 mm
Stainless steel 0.60-3.00 mm
Brass 0.50-10.00 mm
Silver 0.60-5.00 mm
Copper 0.50-10.00 mm

We aim to be your partner in the workshop and are happy to get involved early in the design work in order to contribute our production expertise.

Via business partners, we can also take overall responsibility for surface treatment according to customers’ requests and also carry out some assembly.

We also maintain stocks of matrices, raw materials and finished products to provide for short lead times in production.