Hermanders is a company specialising in pressure-turning and deep drawing. We act as a sub-contractor to some 300 Nordic manufacturers who need quick service, creative production knowledge, short lead times and cost-effective production.

Automatic pressure-turning

Hermanders has 10 automatic pressure lathes able to handle items up to 1,800 mm in diameter (max. workpiece size).

Manual pressure-turning

Manual pressure-turning is a craft performed with great knowledge and experience by our workforce.

Sheet working

Hermanders also handles sheet working, including bending, punching and welding.

Our machinery for sheet working

  • 10 eccentric presses
  • 5 hydraulic presses
  • 6 edge turning machines
  • 6 curve shears
  • 3 straight shears

Tool manufacture

Hermanders has its own tool workshop where we produce tools to meet specific requests from our customers. We also have a large warehouse where we can store the tools.


At Töreboda we have 20 staff, with 10 automatic pressure lathes and equipment for deep drawing and hydro-mechanical forming at pressures up to 250 tonnes.

Dimensions of pieces before processing

  • Circular products: 15 mm – 1,800 mm.
  • Rectangular products: max. 1,100 x 1,100 mm.

We aim to be your partner in the workshop and are happy to get involved early in the design work in order to contribute our production expertise.

Via business partners, we can also take overall responsibility for surface treatment according to customers’ requests and also carry out some assembly.

We also maintain stocks of matrices, raw materials and finished products to provide for short lead times in production.