Some finishing or fully assembled components?

We can also take overall responsibility for drilling, laser cutting and surface treatment and can also assemble parts into finished components. It goes without saying that our parts or components should be able to go straight into our customer’s assembly process.

Drilling and laser cutting

Drilling and laser cutting are two examples of very common types of finishing for pressure-turned or deep drawn parts. Drilling is done on our premises while laser cutting is handled with the aid of partners.


Parts may need to be cleaned after the manufacturing process, and we do this on our own premises.

Surface treatment

Examples of surface treatments are painting, anodising, and zinc and chrome plating. We handle these through local partners.


We take care of some assembly of parts into finished components ourselves, but we outsource larger or more complex assembly work to specialised partners. Please contact us for more information on how we can help you.

We aim to be your partner in the workshop and are happy to get involved early in the design work in order to contribute our production expertise.

Via business partners, we can also take overall responsibility for surface treatment according to customers’ requests and also carry out some assembly.

We also maintain stocks of matrices, raw materials and finished products to provide for short lead times in production.


The films show how various finishes can be applied.