Hydro-mechanical forming

This method involves pressing and forming the metal into the right shape in a single process. This technique has many advantages, such as:

  • Better surfaces with less risk of cracks.
  • More even shapes
  • We can perform longer runs, i.e. draw longer shapes.
  • Shorter runs are also viable

At Hermanders we can handle hydro-mechanical forming with discs up to 415 mm in diameter and sheets up to 2 mm thick in stainless steel.

We aim to be your partner in the workshop and are happy to get involved early in the design work in order to contribute our production expertise.

Via business partners, we can also take overall responsibility for surface treatment according to customers’ requests and also carry out some assembly.

We also maintain stocks of matrices, raw materials and finished products to provide for short lead times in production.


See how hydro-mechanical forming is done at Hermanders